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Efrika Mall International SARL is the originator and promoter of Efrika Shopping. Efrika Mall is the end-product of a 2 years vision that was birthed out of a passionate desire to support and grow the economy of Africa. eFrika Mall is a women led organization. Because we believe in women and believe in the strength and creativity of the African woman. Africa is a continent known worldwide for its immense reserves of natural resources, arable land, human capital, technological skills, and economic potential. But a vast amount of potential remains untapped, underutilized, and mis directed.

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Rebuild Africa Restore Africa Reposition Africa and Replenish Africa

We can export our products to any country in Africa Europe or America, or Asia subject to all export laws. We can deliver products from countries we operate in including Congo, Nigeria, and Morocco, and through partnerships arrangements in Namibia, and Mozambique.EFRIKA is an African trade-oriented business that has been created to facilitate the trade of African manufactured products and agricultural products between African countries and the rest of the world. We believe in promoting organic food products produced in Africa, and supporting the economy of Africa through cross border trading activities. We are operational in numerous countries in Africa.Efrika was recently recognized by the Government of Democratic Rep of Congo and the company has been asked to spearhead a national project that promotes small scale manufacturers and exporters in numerous industries




Share-holding in EFRIKA: 40%

Dr Davidson is a Nigerian national and the daughter of a former Ambassador and High Commissioner to several countries in Europe and Asia, including the United Kingdom, Germany, and Russia. She has schooled in the UK for many years and has just completed her PhD at a US university. Dr Davidson is a transformational leader and serial entrepreneur. She has over 15 years of experience in business and trade. She is a shareholder and Director in several active companies, including a health insurance company co-owned by a US technology firm, a Pan African trading firm (Efrika Mall Incorporated), a million-dollar investment company based in the USA, an equipment and IT company, and a business solutions company (Gold Citii Business Solutions). Dr Davidson is presently the Board Chair of the AWEC Alumni Board (of a US-based NGO called Global Enterprise). She currently consults with several state governments and will soon be working with over 75 farming cooperatives in Nigeria to support the implementation of an innovative large-scale agricultural private-public partnership [PPP] scheme. Her objective is to improve the use of IITA-researched hybrid seeds, improve the per-acre yield in farming areas, and reduce postharvest losses. Hybrid crops she has worked with include maize, cassava, vegetables, and yams. Dr Davidson owns over 20 hectares of inherited farmland, and her late mother became a successful large-scale poultry farmer, maize grower, and animal feed producer when the family retired from the foreign service. Dr Davidson is passionate about agricultural research and was recently invited by a state government to present a paper about an innovative and integrated agricultural concept she created. She presented her paper at an international leap frog conference hosted by the state commissioner. She is also a Chartered professional [PCQI] and a member of the Chartered Quality Institute in the UK. She has travelled around Africa, including Cape Town and Johannesburg, to receive excellence awards on quality standards. Dr Davidson is an experienced quality auditor who can establish and enforce numerous international quality standards and practices, including; ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 26,000, EFQM, TQM, Lean management, KAIZEN, Toyota Production, and Canadian excellence standards.

Ms Sandrine Ndongo

Share-holding in EFRIKA: 40%

Ms Sandrine Ndongo is a Congolese national and entrepreneur with over 10 years of agricultural and organic herbal product export experience.She schooled in Namibia, and consults for multinational Asian companies in Kinshasa. Sandrine’s family were large-scale agriculturists, and she owns several hectares of inherited farmland, on which she is cultivating several high-yield crops, including maize. Sandrine also consults for the DRC Government as a subject matter expert [SME] for imports and exports and currently works with numerous state-sponsored farming, mining, and trading cooperatives to improve participation in manufacturing and exports. The DRC government has just indicated interest in a public-private partnership with Efrika in this regard.

Dr Oluyemisi Awobokun

Share-holding in Efrika: 20%

Dr Awobokun is an American citizen with landed property in Texas. She is also a shareholder of several businesses in the US and Africa and an extremely successful medical specialist. For example, she is a high-profile partner of a thriving global travel and wholesale cosmetics export business in the USA. The firm's products are shipped to the Americas, Africa, and Asia. Dr Awobokun is widely travelled and is a highly seasoned businesswoman who serves on the Board of Efrika.


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Efrika Mall International SARL is the originator and promoter.

Efrika Mall is the end-product of a 2 years vision that was birthed out of a passionate desire to support and grow the economy of Africa. eFrika Mall is a women led organization.